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Regular cleaning reduces bacterial build up that causes bad odours, decreases the risk of pest infestation. It removes fly eggs and the maggots they grow in to and kills 99% of all known germs whilst reducing the chances of cross contamination from the wheelie bin to the kitchen.



We are a professional cleaning business providing all year round service covering Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and North Suffolk.



Wheelie bin sanitizing dismisses offensive odours, protects against maggots, flies, bacteria and mould and offers a preventative against diseases, which means a reduction in health risk.



The unique cleaning system is an eco-friendly award winner

We are registered with all relevant governing bodies.


Trained to very high professional cleaning standards, all staff are distinctly uniformed, friendly and fully insured for all required tasks.



We have full liability insurance to carry out tasks we perform.

We offer competitive rates for both domestic and commercial contracts.



References are available from pre-existing contracts.


Please contact us for further information.

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Freephone: 8000 327 963
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Our information page

An example of how we operate our business, this is a purpose built, modified van for the main purpose of sanitising wheelie bins – both domestic and commercial.


We recommend the regular sanitising of bins every four weeks.